Too much talent is being wasted sitting on the sidelines everyday, from teens to senior citizens.

We help people better understand who they are, what they have to offer the world, and what they want. Then we direct them to people who can help them get it. After you register and build your profile, be sure to join your city’s Talent Depot so others within your local community can put your strengths and abilities to work. As you do, you will be able to find role models MOST like you to learn the ropes from AND get your RAW talents on the radar of recruiters with opportunity that best fits your innate abilities, passions, and interests. For individuals 13+ years old.

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Your city's Talent Depot will help you find the right people for you to surround yourself with as well as opportunities that fit the way you work, learn and socialize. Click on your location on the map to find your city’s Talent Depot and Join today!

  • Rank #1: Caldwell (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 102

  • Rank #2: Nampa (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 13

  • Rank #3: Sun Valley (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 11

  • Rank #4: Middleton (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 6

  • Rank #5: Meridian (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 6

  • Rank #6: Washington D.C. Talent Depot - Members: 5

  • Rank #7: Boise (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 5

  • Rank #8: Provo (UT) Talent Depot - Members: 5

  • Rank #9: Eagle (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 5

  • Rank #10: Logan (UT) Talent Depot - Members: 5

  • Rank #11: Rexburg (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 5

  • Rank #12: San Francisco (CA) Talent Depot - Members: 4

  • Rank #13: Los Angeles (CA) Talent Depot - Members: 4

  • Rank #14: Las Vegas (NV) Talent Depot - Members: 4

  • Rank #15: Mountain Home (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 4

  • Rank #16: Bruneau (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 4

  • Rank #17: New York City (NY) Talent Depot - Members: 3

  • Rank #18: Pocatello (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 3

  • Rank #19: Houston (TX) Talent Depot - Members: 2

  • Rank #20: Atlanta (GA) Talent Depot - Members: 2

  • Rank #21: Highland (UT) Talent Depot - Members: 2

  • Rank #22: Twin Falls (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 2

  • Rank #23: Idaho Falls (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 2

  • Rank #24: Coeur d'Alene (ID) Talent Depot - Members: 2

  • Rank #25: Avon (NC) Talent Depot - Members: 1

  • Rank #26: Salt Lake City (UT) Talent Depot - Members: 1

shouldn’t define you.
Or your success.

For too long mankind has judged others on the wrong things. Talent Depot helps you identify the characteristics
that truly matter to your success, and then connects you to the people who value them.

Once you create your profile and complete a personality assessment, you’ll be matched with role models (industry trailblazers, leaders and
success stories) who are most like you. Not based on skin color, gender, age, income or other group-based stereotypes, but instead based
on who you truly are. At Talent Depot, you build a community and get access to personalized insights that help you capitalize on your unique
strengths, seize opportunities and create stronger relationships.

Discover your true potential based
on scientific data not stereotypes.

We believe everyone has personal worth, infinite potential, and unique greatness.

At Talent Depot, we empower you to understand—and value—your own true strengths, and connect you with other
individuals who see beyond skin color, gender, age or income. Start redefining your future in five steps.

It’s simple, create a user name and password, log in, then complete your profile.
The more information you provide to the system, the more personalized your experience will be.

Find and strengthen the skills that will be most effective for your success, for instance drive, vision, responsibility or communication.

We know you have the power to succeed because there are sports figures,
tech entrepreneurs, business leaders, scientists, celebrities and other successful people who share your traits.

Build your community of family, friends and mentors who can help you
achieve your dreams.

Use what you’ve learned and the power of your Inner Circle to make a difference. Eliminate
poverty. End social injustices. What can you accomplish?

Talent Depot Inner Circles

You don’t need to stay in unproductive academic pursuits, unsatisfying occupations and/or
unhealthy relationships. Equipped with your profile and personality assessment, you’ll be matched
with the role models who are most like you and you’ll begin creating your Inner Circle. Add family,
friends, mentors and other connections who value you for who you are and your unique
characteristics. Using your personalized insights, you’ll be able to identify others in your Inner Circle
or community that are complements to you. Your Talent Depot Inner Circle can help you succeed in
living a life that is more fulfilling to you and those around you.


How Talent Depot Is Different

Our proprietary way of matching is not based on the color of your skin, your interests, your economic background, or any other stereotypical factors that employers, schools, teams and colleagues use to assess, group or judge you. Instead, you have an in-depth view of important attributes—the characteristics that you can hone and strengthen to drive real success in your life. With a Talent Depot Profile, people in your Inner Circle will be able to see your true potential based on scientific data not stereotypes. And you can leverage the personalized insights you learn from our system to make meaningful connections and create new opportunities.

Member Stories


“… the tools Talent Depot provided… gave [my husband] the guidance necessary to decide what he really wanted to be doing with his life and what he had to offer the world. The day he quit his old job and split off on his own, a fire re-ignited in him that was contagious. Thank you Talent Depot.”


“Talent Depot helped me finally feel like I am more than just another number, that I am worth more than the credentials I have tied to my name and my work history, and that my income does not measure my worth nor does it have to control my happiness.”


“We were elated to see a platform that could help families create even safer and more personalized home environments for their kids. Get your own kids into Talent Depot and help them discover who they are and what they want… help them find role models who best align with their personalities AND their future goals. They will grow in leaps and bounds with this support.”

Talent Depot is built on our core beliefs.

Don’t think that you don’t belong or that life can’t get better for you. Everyone has personal worth, infinite potential, and unique greatness that can easily be shared and effectively harnessed to improve their personal circumstances as well as that of those within their Inner Circle.

Your lack of inclusion, achievement or happiness thus far is not your fault. It’s the result of a broken system built on an imperfect understanding of and incorrect assumptions about people, their potential, and their desires.

Your dreams of being seen, heard, understood, respected, valued, included, and discovered for what is uniquely great about you really can come true.

You’re right: Stereotypes based on your skin color, gender, age, ethnicity or socio-economic status ARE the enemy. Those stereotypes have been working hard to deny you opportunity and happiness.

You have a friend in the fight. Together we have the tools necessary to help you be seen, heard, and discovered. To help you identify the resources already at your disposal within your
existing Inner Circle. To help you turn your vision for your future into a reality. Join us and take advantage of our great role models, guides/mentors, and organizations ready to inspire
and support you along your journey.

Create your profile and let’s get started changing your life today!

Identify, learn from, and network with our Role Models.