Meet The Founders

Talent Depot was Launched in partnership with Shae Taylor (a Social Entrepreneur)
and Norman Goldstein (CEO - Edu Network Partners).

Shae Taylor

Founder / CEO

Product Visionary – Business Process Analyst – Innovator – Social Entrepreneur
MA: Sport Management, University of San Francisco
MS: Data Analytics, Southern New Hampshire University
Former Intern: Golden State Warriors, Oakland Raiders, IMG College, Stanford Athletics, Octagon NFL Division.

Norman Goldstein

CEO – EduNetwork Partners

EduNetwork Partners is an educational and family dedicated marketing company specializing in engaging young adults, teachers, parents, and communities with innovative, customized educational programs. We provide access to 100,000 public k-12 schools, 25 Million k-5 Students, 23 Million students in grades 6-12, 5 Million students in more than 30,000 private schools + 1 Million homeschooled students and 8 Million kids in afterschool programs and youth organizations.

Why we created Talent Depot.

If you stay with your current game plan, the world will probably miss out on the best of what you have to offer.

The more research we did, the more we recognized that successful business leaders, top athletes, and innovative world-changers come from every walk of life and every type of circumstance. And yet, we saw countless people struggling—people who had the same skills and traits as those successful people.

We hated knowing that the misunderstood, overlooked, excluded, and rejected are most likely going to be doomed to a life half-lived. Even though they may have what it takes to succeed, they simply continue to knock on the wrong doors and trust the wrong guides, causing them to stay too long in unproductive academic pursuits, unsatisfying occupations and/or unhealthy relationships.

Imagine a world where you are discovered, seen, heard, included, respected, and valued for the best that is within you by the people and organizations that really matter most to your future success.

That’s a world that we didn’t want to exist just in our imagination—we wanted to make it a reality. Talent Depot is a place where it’s okay and safe to just be you. A place that helps you recognize and harness the strengths that you already have, and then use them to start achieving the hopes and dreams you have for yourself and your family.

And you won’t be doing it alone. Imagine if Jobs hadn’t met Woz, or Gates hadn’t met Ballmer, or Zuckerberg hadn’t met Sandberg. Talent Depot goes a step further, connecting you to great role models, guides, mentors, and organizations that help you grab the opportunities you deserve.

Now is the time to join and start your journey.