Talent Depot multiplies the impact
of your current and future contributions to the causes of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Maximize the power
of your dollars.
Empower true potential.

Too often, it feels like financial contributions focused on the causes of equality, inclusion, and social justice
fall short of expectations. Talent Depot is a different—and better—way to direct your donations.

Talent Depot enables you to use your financial resources to make meaningful and measurable positive changes in the world. Your
contributions create funding for Talent Depot Scholarships, helping kids looking to answer three critical questions:

  1. In what role(s) do people like me succeed in the world?
  2. Who are they?
  3. How can I learn directly from them?

The best part? The potential of these kids isn’t being assessed based on skin color, gender, age, income, or other group-based stereotypes,
but instead on scientific data.

By supporting Talent Depot Scholarships, you power the tools, networks
and people that are helping put an end to a variety of prejudices
(e.g., systemic racism) and bring greater equality and opportunity to all people.


Don’t let a person’s skin color, gender,
age, or income prevent them from
realizing their dreams.

Unlike existing social websites, Talent Depot provides industry and social influencers the ability to help accelerate understanding/acceptance for all those hoping to be more easily understood, seen, heard, included, respected, valued,
and discovered for what is uniquely great about them. You can become a donor, and start making a difference,
in three easy steps.

1. Determine

Determine how many scholarships you would like to create. Each individual scholarship
costs $75. Simply choose the amount that’s right for you.

2. Donate

Make your donation with the funds being designated contributions for Talent Depot scholarship.

  1. Talent Depot’s fiscal partner JAM Marketing Partners will be the recipient of the funds
  2. Talent Depot Scholarships will then be purchased by JAM Marketing Partners
  3. EduNetwork Partners will distribute the scholarships to students wishing to participate
    using their reach
  4. Talent Depot will analyze the assessment results from participating kids and provide second
    tier scholarships to help facilitate their access to world-class training in areas where they have
    world-class raw talent but where traditional schooling is not suited to harness it. For example,
    communication training through our partner Talkshop led by San Francisco 49ers
    PA Announcer, Matt Crevin.

3. Invite

Invite members of your personal and business networks to become Role Models. Together, we can continue strengthening Talent Depot and giving members access to even more inspirational leaders and mentors.

Make Your Contribution
to the Cause!

On the donation page, make sure you designate your donation
to Talent Depot.


The right team for success.

There’s no secret behind our success, because there’s a talented, focused and driven team behind Talent Depot.

When you help fund Talent Depot Scholarships, you’re joining a growing list of individuals who are dedicated to putting an end to the prejudices they see in the world. We’ve successfully helped a variety of donors to leverage their financial resources to help accelerate understanding/acceptance for all those hoping to be more easily understood, seen, heard, included, respected, valued, and discovered for what is uniquely great about them.

Dr. John W. Carlos
Human Rights Activist, Hall of
Fame Track & Field Olympian

Shae Taylor –
Founder, Innovator, Visionary,
Social Entrepreneur

Donor Stories

Shae Taylor

"I have invested over seven years of my life and over a million dollars of personal, family, friend and member wealth to build a platform that can make a positive global impact—to create a world where people matter more than their job title, education credentials, income, or race. I’m proud of what my team has built. Talent Depot is a platform that can finally put an end to aimlessness, to false first impressions, and to the biases that have prevented so many people from being understood and caused so much talent to go to waste over the years. I struggled for 20 years to understand what was uniquely great about me beyond my ability to play high school and college sports, and to find where I fit within the world of work (and life). Talent Depot was created out of years of research after experiencing the pain from humiliating workplace failures, countless rejection letters, being overlooked by applicant tracking systems, and being misunderstood in interviews because of my personality and work history. It was created after experiencing the shame of losing my home / being homeless / and having to depend on supplemental government assistance for years to provide for my wife and three little girls. It was created after I lost friendships because of my own lack of self-awareness as I silently struggled to manage my life’s pressures. I don’t want anyone to have to carry those same burdens alone like I did. And with Talent Depot as part of their lives, they won’t have to. Together, we can provide every child the village they need to help them build—and live—the life they deserve. Please join my team in this fight as a Donor, Role Model, or Member.”

Derrick Boles

I’ve donated hundreds of hours and my hard-earned personal relationships to help us secure our first Role Models in Talent Depot. I believe in the mission of Talent Depot and in its founder. I believe this technology will help us bridge the race divide. While recovering from two strokes I was introduced to Shae Taylor and the concept of Talent Depot in 2020. I am a professional speaker, motivator, and coach. I come from the Ypsilanti, Michigan area where Emoni Bates the best High school player in the United States is from. I played high school ball against some of the heroes most people know about including Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, etc. Basketball earned me a path out of the streets of Michigan and led me to Idaho where I played college ball at Idaho State University. From there I was given the opportunity to play professional ball in Australia. After returning to the states, I began coaching in the NBA’s G-league in Idaho for the Stampede. From there I got my MBA in Human Resource Management / Organizational Leadership after which I launched my speaking career and became a high school basketball coach. Along the way I have had the privilege of being mentored by some great Role Models and people (LSU Hall of Fame Basketball Coach – Dale Brown, Michigan State University Assistant Coach – Mike Garland, and former assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers – Clay Moser). I know the importance of quality Role Models in people's lives. These men have been a guiding light to me along my journey. Now it is time we scale the power of the Role Model concept and we can use Talent Depot to do it. I ask you to stand up as a Donor, Role Model, or Member and do what you can do. We have kids all over the world going through unimaginable things. You and I can do more to help this great cause. We must do more. I’m in. Is this your time to Stand Up strong?

Donation Questions?

Talent Depot – Director, Donor Relations
Shaniqua Rudd (CEO - Rudd & Associates, LLC)
Philadelphia, PA
E: shaniqua@ruddandassociates.net

We believe that a world without
prejudice is possible.

When we work together to help people reach their true potential, we can create a world of equality, diversity and inclusion,
a world of endless dreams, a world with abundant opportunity for all.

We know this world is possible, and we wanted to create a way for anyone and everyone to help. With Talent Depot,
you can simply contribute your financial resources to turn this vision of the future into a reality for endless amounts of kids.

Unfortunately, the reality right now, is that around the world and within your own community great people are staying too long in educational situations,
careers and relationships that are not good for them. They’re knocking on the wrong doors and trusting the wrong guides,
locking themselves into an ongoing cycle of inequality.

But with your support, those kids who would have been left behind will instead be treated more fairly.
The people seeking the wrong guidance will instead be supported more appropriately.
And more people will experience more joy and live better lives.

Your opportunity to do more is right in front of you. Will you act?

Make the difference you know is possible.
On the donation page, make sure you designate your donation
to Talent Depot.

You don’t have to be a donor to help us change the world. Sign up as a Talent Depot Role Model and see how you can be a positive influence!