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This directory is for current and former residents, employees, and regular visitors of Salt Lake City. Here, we can get to know one another better—and grow our ability to support one another in our personal aspirations as we collectively work to make Salt Lake City a better place to live, work, and to visit. To do this, please build your Talent Depot Profile. Once you do, you can use the group insights to get to know and learn to be more understanding and respectful of all within our community. We each have our own backgrounds, life experiences, styles, strengths, and preferences. The more you get to know others in our community in an authentic way, the better you can share your knowledge and the social capital resources at your disposal to serve and support others. We live in a challenging world where many families and children are silently struggling. But we believe that better insights will empower our community to rally around and support our own in unprecedented ways. That’s why it is so critical to join the group and build your profile. With a completed profile, you can be seen, heard, understood, respected, valued, included, and discovered by others for what is uniquely great about you. For those with career development opportunities, we hope you use this resource to recruit and help develop our local talent. For retired senior citizens, we hope you use this location to make yourselves available to current and future generations of teens and young adults—offering much-needed mentorship for those who hope to achieve what you have accomplished. For those entering the workforce, we hope you take advantage of these resources to identify and learn from our community’s members (and our local success stories) who are most like you and/or who have achieved something you would like to achieve, as their insights could prove invaluable to your future success. Click – ‘Find Positive Role Models’ to see our local success stories. This is how we can help each citizen develop the durable skills and durable networks that are required to thrive in today's world. We must teach teens to do this at younger ages so by the time they leave high school they have the social skills and webs of social support necessary to excel in life. The group is for those 13+ years of age through retired senior citizens. At a minimum we encourage you to complete your ‘Personal Info’ in the dashboard and 'Steps 1, 8, and 9' in your Talent Depot profile builder. Please submit suggestions, feedback, issues, or report abuse to Shae Taylor - We reserve the right to block and remove anyone from the group who posts inappropriate content.

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Shae Taylor

Shae Taylor

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15-1199.01:Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers
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