Amplify your voice and impact the world for good.

Prejudice shouldn’t stand in the way of anyone’s dreams. As a Talent Depot Role Model, you can inspire and empower others to believe in themselves, break down barriers and achieve their true potential.

You’ve probably realized that most professional and social networks are still assessing and categorizing people based on the wrong things. They don’t allow you to see the real values that matter. Talent Depot changes that. We assess our members based on scientific data, not stereotypes. As one of our Role Models, you become a positive influence for those who share similar qualities to you. And you have access to meaningful data that enables you to focus your efforts on those you can help most. We help you tap the strengths of your fanbase to grow your legacy.

Leverage your name, image, brand, personality, platform,
and unique perspective to help those hoping to be seen, heard,
respected, valued and discovered for what is uniquely great about them.


It’s time to start reaching,
and helping, more people.

When you can clearly see people for who they really are, you can begin really helping them in their journey to success.
We hate knowing that the media, poor child development environments, and well-intentioned but poorly informed authority figures continue to cause remarkably talented people from all walks of life to be suppressed—preventing society from
benefiting from their potential contributions.

Talent Depot is here to help you stand against how it has been and use your knowledge to change lives for the better.
We’ve successfully helped a variety of influencers who are just as frustrated, sick, and tired of prejudices as you are.

Become a Role Model in four easy steps.

1. Take the Survey

Complete a 15-minute personality survey. This enables us to connect you to Members with similar characteristics. It also positions you as an inspiration for many who had no idea they have what
it takes to succeed.

2. Build Your Talent Depot Profile

There’s nothing to it. Just provide some information about yourself and you’re good to go.

  1. Upload your picture
  2. Add a bio including your personality type
  3. Provide access to your social links

3. Respond to Contacts

With Talent Depot, you are in complete control of your level of connection and involvement. When Members reach out, you respond if you desire. Or simply allow them to find information through the links you’ve provided.

4. Review Information

Your followers profile information containing their aspirations, strengths, personality, fit, education and experience is made available for you to review. With this info at your fingertips, you have the ability to hone in on those you are best able to help.

This is your opportunity to use your name, influence and talents
to create a better present and future— a world where everyone
is seen and valued for the qualities that matter.

Become a Role Model in minutes – get started today!

Leaders who share your visions.

There’s no secret behind our success, because there’s a talented, focused and driven team behind Talent Depot.

It was all started by Shae Taylor, an innovative social entrepreneur who endured decades of being misunderstood, overlooked, and
rejected—despite having two master’s degrees. Ironically, these negative experiences led to a series of invaluable experiences, where he was able
to engage with and research the wealthy and thriving as well as the poor and labeled (e.g., wealthy and thriving [pro athletes/sports
agents/executives] and poor/labeled [e.g., alternative students/welfare recipients/ex-felons].

From there, he decided to look into how various organizations and groups viewed, treated and hired those groups. He spent more than seven
years analyzing government departments, staffing/placement agencies, foster care and services for disadvantaged youth, college
prep, college admissions/alumni networks, human resources/recruiting and personnel development, diversity and inclusion programs, college/pro athlete
recruitment into and transitions beyond sports, military recruitment into and transitions back to civility, and pandemic response best practices.

His goal was to develop a proprietary solution that would empower people from all walks of life to understand and work together with someone
“different” and to do so earlier in life and more effectively. That’s where Talent Depot was born.

Role Model Stories

Panos Pappas

“I love promoting the Las Vegas Raiders but nothing compares to the feeling I get when I’m able to give back and inspire youth. When I was asked to be a Mentor/Role Model in Talent Depot I felt honored to be a part of such a great cause, however after just starting my own family I was concerned about committing the necessary time it would require. After connecting with some of the underprivileged young people in Talent Depot I realized that the commitment is something that is easy, rewarding and something we all need to make time for!”

Dr. Thomas Cupps

“Since retiring from Procter & Gamble as a medicinal chemist a few years ago I built my dream home and retired to one of the most beautiful places on earth. I love retirement but I also love helping people and giving back. Talent Depot gives me the opportunity to stay connected to the world, inspire youth, and truly make a difference in the lives of those who need guidance.”

Lee Lorenzen

“As a software entrepreneur, I know the challenges women entrepreneurs and engineers —and others—face being discovered in the tech world. Talent Depot allows me to find those with the right potential and then to encourage, inspire and support them as they build their businesses and success.”

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